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The Sport Solution Blog is written by law students and is intended to provide background information and the team’s perspectives on current issues. However, the Blog is not intended to provide legal advice or opinion. Athletes in need of assistance should contact the clinic directly at [email protected].

Welcome to the Sport Solution Clinic blog— the go-to resource for Canada’s national team athletes navigating the intricate landscape of high-performance sport!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the blog. Over the years, the Clinic has learned of many challenges, particularly legal issues, encountered by AthletesCAN members. With this understanding, the blog aims to share expertise, stories, learnings, insights and information to empower national team athletes to make informed decisions and assert their rights in legal disputes in sport.

“I’m excited about the opportunity for this new platform to build further connections between the Clinic and AthletesCAN members,” says Amanda Fowler, the award-winning Supervising Lawyer of Sport Solution. “This new blog will help us improve access to information and awareness of the Clinic and its services.”

The blog will feature articles on the processes undertaken by Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner (OSIC) and its Abuse-Free Sport program, as well as issues surrounding carding, athlete agreements, new safe sport mandates and policies, analysis of sports legal issues and views on the broader Canadian sports environment, etc.. We welcome you to reach out if you have a topic we should cover, by emailing us at [email protected]. The blog aims to contribute to a future where athletes are skilled competitors and empowered advocates championing their own success.

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By Robyn Jeffries (Case Manager), Brayden Mulhern (Caseworker) & Daniel Torch (Caseworker) The Sport Solution Blog is written by law students and is intended to

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