Meet the Leaders of Canada's Athlete Representation Movement

"It's our turn" is not just a slogan.
It's a pivotal moment for a new era in sport governance

Athlete representation isn’t just a matter of fairness; it’s a catalyst for positive change. It ensures that the sport system evolves with the times, fostering a culture of inclusivity, fairness, and innovation. It paves the way for policies that prioritize the wellbeing of athletes, equitable opportunities, and the sustained growth of the sports we love.

“It’s our turn” speaks to the athletes, urging them to step into roles that extend beyond the field of play. Their experiences, insights, and voices are not only valuable but essential. The decisions made at the highest levels should be informed by the authentic narratives of those who lace up their skates, sprint down the track, and shoot for the stars.

It’s time for the athletes to take a lead. “It’s our turn” to redefine the game

Meet Canada’s Athlete Leaders

“It’s Our Turn” Athlete Rep Spotlights highlight the journeys of athlete leaders across the 68 sports represented in AthletesCAN’s membership. Each weekly conversation features a national team athlete who has served in either an informal or formal role as an NSO Athlete Representative, an Athlete Director on their NSO’s Board, or a member of an NSO or Multisport Organization’s Athlete Council or Committee.

Building the Future of Athlete Representation

At AthletesCAN we’re investing in leadership education resources to ensure athlete leaders don’t have to do it alone. Our work helps athlete leaders build the skills, knowledge, and confidence to represent the athlete voice at the decision-making table. Help us make sure the next generation of athlete leaders are prepared for when it’s their turn as we evolve our resources for the ever-changing sport landscape. Every donation makes a difference in helping athletes grow and learn as leaders.

Neville Wright addresses AthletesCAN Forum 2023 in Vancouver, BC