Partnership Opportunities

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to align your company’s brand with interests in athlete governance and empowerment; diversity, equity, and inclusion in sport, and gender equity in sport?

AthletesCAN represents over 6,000 of Canada’s current and recently-retired senior National Team Athletes, ensuring that they are part of the conversation related to their sport and issues that affect them.

We work with brands to develop sponsorship programs, assets and opportunities that leverage the unique nationwide appeal of the athletes who represent Canada on the international stage. Utilizing the power of AthletesCAN’s social media properties, as well as our athletes’ digital channels, we create meaningful brand experiences that connect with consumers.

Kristine Wishart - 2011 Pan American Games Guadalajara

Corporate partners can work directly with athletes across Canada through AthletesCAN to grow their brands. Opportunities can include title and presenting sponsorships for major events, social and digital media campaigns, commercial shoots, engagement with clients, customers and contest winners, and many other initiatives that utilize Canada’s elite athletes. AthletesCAN looks to enhance the partner’s market presence while aligning with personable and community-minded brand ambassadors. 

If you are interested in becoming an AthletesCAN partner, please contact: 

Jacob Morris
Coordinator, Communications & Digital Media
613-526-4025 Ext. 224
[email protected]

For more information on becoming an AthletesCAN corporate partner