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Sport Solution

Sport Solution is committed to helping national team athletes find solutions to a wide range of sport related issues. The program offers access to free information, as well as assistance and guidance on sport issues that may require legal counsel, such as selection, carding and discipline disputes.


Sport Solution is committed to supporting an athlete centred sport system and strives to achieve this objective by counselling and advocating on behalf of Canada’s high performance athletes so their voices are well represented when resolving sport related issues that affect them.


In April 1996, AthletesCAN joined forces with the Sports Law Centre, the Faculty of Law at the University of Western Ontario, and the Dispute Resolution Centre to create an AthletesCAN program that would help Canada’s national team athletes resolve and prevent legal conflicts in sport. Together, they named this program Sport Solution. It is the only program of its kind in North America and is available free of charge to all members of AthletesCAN.

Services Offered

Sport Solution provides assistance to national team athletes in resolving sports related legal issues and offers support throughout the dispute resolution process. The program also offers athletes guidance on how to prevent conflict and understand the fair administration of sport. Sport Solution responds to the legal needs of athletes on a full range of issues and can provide information about:

• General Inquiries and Concerns
• NSO Procedures
• How to Prepare for NSO Appeals and Arbitration at the SDRCC
• Your Athlete Agreement
• Corresponding With Your NSO

Types of Issues We Handle

• Team Selection
• AAP Funding / Carding
• Discipline
• Anti-Doping Violations
• Athlete Trusts
• Harassment
• Other Sports Related Legal Concerns

Contact us with all of your sport related legal concerns. If your issue is beyond the scope of the program services, Sport Solution may refer you to legal counsel.

2021 Fall Semester Regular Office Hours: 

  • Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

2022 Winter Semester Regular Office Hours:

  • Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

The Team

Amanda Fowler headshot/Photo d'Amanda Fowler

Amanda Fowler

Supervising Lawyer

Amanda Fowler is the Supervising Lawyer of the Sport Solution Clinic at Western’s Faculty of Law. Amanda started her sports law career when she represented a college baseball player who was drafted to a major league team. Shortly after, she began practicing sports law by representing Olympic, high-performance and amateur athletes in various sport disputes, including team non-selections, improper carding nominations, human rights and doping infractions. Amanda has successfully represented Canadian and international athletes at the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada and the Court of Arbitration for Sport. One of her most memorable cases was being involved with the Caster Semenya appeal. She continues to advise professional athletes, sport organization and teams. In 2017, Amanda was a pro bono lawyer for the Invictus Games in Toronto.

Hannah Dobie Headshot / Photo de Hannah Dobie

Hannah Dobie

Program Manager

Hannah is a third-year law student at Western University. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree at Queen’s University, with an Honours Specialization in Global Development. During Hannah’s first year of law school, she volunteered as a case worker with the Sport Solution Clinic. Hannah also works for a tech company on the customer support team, where she has gained valuable and transferable skills for serving client’s interests and communicating with sport organizations.

Hannah is a former U SPORTS varsity athlete with the Queen’s women’s soccer team. In her third season, Hannah experienced a season-ending knee injury which inspired her advocacy for athletes’ access to resources and a safe sport environment.

Hannah is looking forward to continuing with her role within the Sport Solution clinic as a Program Manager. She is passionate about the unique value the clinic’s athlete-centered approach provides for conflict resolution. She is looking forward to advocating on behalf of athletes, while empowering them to become advocates within their own National Sport Organizations.

Samuel Gan

Program Manager

Samuel Gan is a second-year JD/MBA student at Western. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from St. Francis Xavier University before working for two years in a technology start-up. During Sam’s first year of law school, he volunteered with Project Consent for Pro Bono Students Canada, where he provided consent education to local high school students.

Sam recently completed his U SPORTS varsity athletics career with the Western Mustangs track and field team after initially competing with the St. Francis Xavier X-Men varsity football and track teams. With extensive experience in team and individual sports, Sam values the diversity of approaches to high-performance athletics and understands the challenges of balancing the pursuit of greatness in sport with the stresses of everyday responsibilities.

Sam is excited to be joining the Sport Solution Clinic as a Program Manager and eager to contribute to the important work of supporting Canadian athletes. Through his work, Sam hopes to remove obstacles and issues faced by athletes so they can focus on being the best that they can be. 

Rheanna Geisel headshot / Photo de Rheanna Geisel

Rheanna Geisel

Program Manager

Rheanna is a third-year law student at Western University. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree at Lakehead University, with Honours Specialization in Psychology and Philosophy. During Rheanna’s first year of law school she volunteered as a case worker with the Sport Solution Clinic.

Rheanna is a former U SPORTS varsity athlete where she competed for the Lakehead women’s volleyball team for five seasons. She has also spent time coaching and mentoring various age groups for the Superior North Volleyball Club. Outside of sport, Rheanna has sat on numerous committees, including the Varsity Council and Senate Academic Committee at Lakehead University, where she acted as a voice on behalf of the student and student-athlete population in seeking improvements in areas such as treatment of athletes, access to support services and course accessibility and diversity.

Rheanna is excited to continue her role as a Program Manager at the Sport Solution Clinic. The opportunity to combine her passion for advocacy and sport with her legal education will allow her to support and empower Canadian athletes. Rheanna is committed to preserving the Clinic’s standard of excellence in serving and supporting Canadian athletes.

Laura Wade

Program Manager

Laura Wade is a second-year law student at Western. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and criminology from St. Thomas University (STU). Prior to attending law school, she worked in the field of corporate law policy and operations to which she gained transferable skills in research and promoting client’s interests.

During her undergraduate degree, Laura was involved in the athletics community and administration which sparked a passion for advocating for athletes. She was further involved in the Senate Committee at STU, where she represented the student population and advocated for more regard for students’ mental health in academic affairs.

Laura is quite excited to be involved with the Sport Solution Clinic as a Program Manager. She is committed to upholding the Clinic’s standard of excellence while supporting and advocating on behalf of athletes. This opportunity to utilize her skills combined with her legal education and passion for sports will allow her to empower athletes, which she is very much looking forward to.

Safiya Nanji

Program Manager

Safiya Nanji is a second-year law student at Western University. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Tufts University and a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University, where she specialized in human rights. Her thesis focused on the exploitation and abuse pertaining to restorative justice in international conflict zones. 

Prior to law school, Safiya interned at Parliament and Physicians for Human Rights, where she gained valuable experience instituting change at both the grassroots and macro-policy levels. These transferable skills will be particularly beneficial in serving clients’ interests and communicating with large organizations.

During her first year of law school, Safiya worked with the Sport Solution Clinic as a caseworker and thoroughly enjoyed combining her passion for advocacy and sports. She has been particularly interested in the area of safe sport and ensuring that all athletes have a safe physical and mental training environment. Safiya is excited to be taking on the role of a Program Manager and is committed to upholding the Clinic’s high standard in serving and supporting Canadian athletes.


CALL EARLY! Sport Solution can better address your needs before the problem escalates.
At the Sport Solution, you, the athlete, control the dispute resolution process — we’re here to give you the tools to resolve the problem.
Before making contact, it is recommended to organize any relevant information you may have available into digital files creating a background of your situation. This will allow the program managers to efficiently investigate the issue and provide you with a timely response.
Sport Solution Toll Free: 1-888-434-8883 | Tel: (519) 661-4163 | Fax: (519) 661-2153 | Email: sportsolution@athletescan.ca
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2022 Summer Regular office hours: [May 1st – September 2nd]

Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

2022 Fall Semester Regular Office Hours: [September 19th – December 8th]

Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

2022 Winter Semester Regular Office Hours: [January 9th – April 13th]

Monday to Friday 10am-5pm Eastern Standard Time

2022/23 Sessional Dates Where the Clinic Will Be Closed

October 29th  – November 6th – Fall Study Break

December 12th – 23rd – Fall Term Examination Period

December 23rd – January 9th – January Winter Break

February 18th – 26th – Winter Study Week

April 17th – April 28th – Winter Examination Period


Sport Solution is a program of AthletesCAN, the association of Canada’s national team athletes. The Program Managers at Sport Solution are law students who can provide athletes with legal information and resources on: sport dispute resolution procedures, athlete agreements and contracts, selection and discipline procedures in sport, and related legal and policy issues.

The Sport Solution Program Managers are not lawyers, and they cannot provide legal advice or opinion.  The Sport Solution respects an individual’s privacy and any personal or confidential information that is provided to the Sport Solution will be used solely to assist the athlete with their issue or concern, and will not be shared with others without the athlete’s consent.